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If you want to know How Digital Marketing Agency Works then this blog is surely for you if you are going to hire a digital marketing agency.

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Any digital marketing agency has these SBUs (Strategic Business Unit).

  1. Creative / Design Team – Visualizers, designers, art directors, etc.
  2. Copywriting / Content Writing Team – Branding personnel, copywriters
  3. Digital Marketing Team – Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Media buy/sell team, Social Media team, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliation Team
  4. Video Production Team
  5. Business Development Team – Acquiring new businesses & clients
  6. Client Servicing Team – Retaining the existing clients & upselling
  7. Technical Team – Project Managers, software developers, website development team, UI/UX team
  8. HR Team
  9. Account/Finance Team

Here’s the agency workflow.

Business development fixes up the meeting with the prospects with the help of cold calling, emails and connections across the industry.

The meeting held with the marketing heads & decision-making people & usually strategy & client servicing team present in the meeting to understand the requirements of the client & understand the objectives.

After which digital team prepares strategy around the same & media team makes an estimated media plan to match the client’s requirement and the discussed objective.

Again, the meeting is fixed with the client for the agency to pitch their creative ideas along with the digital strategy supporting the media plan.

After the client’s approval, MOU gets signed & contract begins with the agency. Timelines & expectations are set to plan digital marketing activities.

Now, client servicing team allots SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) to communicate with the clients & share the deliverables and the personnel is responsible for the adhere timelines & quality of the work.

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After the client’s approval on the shared plan, the executives/associates in the digital marketing starts working in sync with the tech team, design team, video production team to execute the approved strategy & plan. The reports are shared frequently based to check the effectiveness of the campaigns. plans and strategy.

Based on the feedback from the clients, it is revised as per the feasibility. Continuation of the contract depends on client satisfaction.

And the process goes on…

This is the answer of How Digital Marketing Agency Works by one of the quora member named Amar Shah who is the Digital Marketing Executive from last many years I have told these things according to all their experience.

In short, we want to just conclude that this is a user-generated experience of one of the Digital Marketing Executive of digital marketing agency if you want to have more knowledge about that how digital marketing agency work then you have to go through different kind of articles on the web.