Digital Marketing

How to Re-instantiate after Google has suspended your Google My Business Listing??

Follow the points:

  1. Don’t panic its not the end, almost 60% listing across worldwide gets suspended. Google helps to re-instantiate.
  2. Don’t do further changes in your #gmb profile, instead try to recall what changes have you made just before the suspension, most common suspension reasons are keywords that you put in the Business name and duplicate listing in a single account.
  3. Rollback the changes just before #suspension.. (remove keywords & avoid same location or name listing in a single Gmail account).
  4. Now follow the google guidelines and fill out the form

Be clear & Mention the changes that led to the suspension and don’t make further changes to your profile after filling the reinstation form.

Google support team will connect with you within a week & may remove the suspension from your listing.
Or call Gmb customer support team they will verify your business using-

  • Proof of occupancy of the location
  • Utility bills
  • Rental agreements/deeds
  • Photos of the business location
  • The business logo clearly visible
  • Street address of the building/suite numbers on the door
  • Video verification