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How to increase Facebook Page likes A Major Question in the mind of marketers.

A “Like” on your Facebook Page is not just a vanity metric. It signifies a real person showing interest in your business. That person has opened a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week communication channel with you. So yes, this is a very powerful thing in online marketing.

This article will give you the 7 best practices to generate Facebook Likes.

Increase Facebook Likes

1. Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are the easiest way to get people excited and draw new users in as Fans.

The lure of a big prize (one that’s relevant to your specific target market) makes it an easy ask for your target customers to also “Like” your Page and become your Fan.

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2. Coupons

Coupons are a great (and ever-green) promotion that is sure to Increase Facebook Page Likes.

Something small like a 10% off coupon gives people an incentive to buy while keeping your margins (relatively) intact.

The optimal way to use coupons though is to have them require an action to access them (that does not require much work).

3. Ebook “like” popups

Sometimes educational content is a better incentive for alike than a discount offer or prize, depending on your industry or target market.

For B2B companies especially, providing free written content such as ebooks and whitepapers can drive tons of new fans and customers.

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the easiest way to increase your valuable Facebook Likes. Why?

Because you’re guaranteed visibility of your brand to a highly targeted audience.

A Facebook Ad allows you to target really specifically, ensuring that only your target demographics see it.

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5. Add a “Like” button or box to your blog

A great strategy for capturing visitors on your blog in a fairly non-invasive way is to get them to Like your Facebook Page. Many people are averse to signing up for emails due to spam, so a Like can be an easy alternative.

6. Add a “Like” Button To Your Website’s Header

Having a Like Button in the top-right or left corner of your website is an easy way to drive new Likes over time and help you to Increase Facebook Page Likes. For a number of our clients, this has been a constant driver of new Likes every day. It won’t get you a ton of Likes all at once, but having it there doesn’t hurt anything, and over time those Facebook Likes add up.

7. Video like popups

Behind-the-scenes, interviews and live event videos are a great incentive to get new Facebook Likes. Just like ebooks, coupons and contests, you can place a “like” popup straight over the top of these videos to capture new Fans.

Increase Facebook Likes


These are the following 7 technique on your business Facebook page you can follow without any digital marketing help.

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