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Scope Of Digital Marketing In India | Unknown Facts | WebDexter

By now you have probably heard the term ‘ Scope Of Digital Marketing ’ which is having a huge demand in the market. This came into existence for three reasons: the usage of internet, smartphones and well-optimized user-friendly mobile apps. These three things changed the world entirely to go digital.

Scope Of Digital Marketing

As the scope of digital marketing is increasing, a lot of startup’s are arising and at the same time, job opportunities are available for the coming generation. So first, let us discuss how these impact the market to go in a digital way.

1. Evolution Of Internet:

In the year 1995 VSNL introduced public internet access in India. By the end of 2000, only 0.5% of the population has internet facilities. But at the end of 2016, the figure climbed to 28% with 373 million people who are using the internet

As we see the generation of network connectivity is upgraded from 2G to 4G or 5G and there is a scope of high bandwidth data, advanced multimedia applications to increase mobile and Wi-Fi traffic. According to the report which is generated by Visual Networking Index(VNI) the expected usage of the internet will climb to 59% with 829 million people towards the accessibility.

2. Smartphones:

When it comes to mobile phones initially they were launched in the 1990’s with a small display and number pad. The only purpose is to make a call or send messages. But, due to the drastic change in the technology, the smartphones came into the market with full-screen display and completely with touch and with a lot of features.

3. Mobile Apps:

For each and everything, we depend on mobile. So, most of the software companies are coming up with mobile apps. To book a movie ticket we depend on the mobile app, to book a car we depend on an app, to order food we depend on the mobile app.

Due to the huge competition in the market for mobile apps, even the government bodies are coming up with apps to provide good services to the citizens.

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Scope Of Digital Marketing In India:

Digital Marketing is in booming stage and a lot of startup companies are depending on it not only in India but all over the world. The main objective of digital marketing campaigns is to make the sales and to create brand awareness among the audience. Even our Prime Minister has been actively promoting the idea of Digital India and even his campaign gained a massive response.

As we see most of the companies are busy running their operations and they cannot invest quality time in understanding the behaviour of the audience. Now, digital marketers will come into existence. The main objective is to reduce the cost of advertising and increase return on investment.

Let us discuss a few facts about digital marketing:

1. New to the digital era
2. Easy to learn and implement
3. Flexible
4. Fast reach
5. Job opportunities
6. ROI
7. Results are measured

  1. New to the digital era: Earlier people used to spend a lot of time on newspaper, television and radio to get the latest updates about what is happening around the world. But nowadays the internet has completely changed the lifestyle of human beings for each and everything we are depending on the internet. Slowly, we are shifting from traditional to digital media.
  2. Easy to learn and implement: Yes..! what you have read is right. The digital marketing course is easy to learn and implement. First, a person should have patience and passion to learn and the ability to think out of the box. But, initially, no one can do wonders; as you gain experience you will be an asset to the organization based on your skills.
  3. Flexible: As they complete tasks are done using the internet one can work from anywhere. But, most of the companies won’t provide access to it because as digital marketing is in the booming stage. One has to have a good laptop and internet connection to do the work. As we see most of the tasks are done in a digital way. For example: to pay electricity bill; to book train or flight tickets; to order food; to book a cab; to book movie tickets; everything is done online. So by this, we can say that we are entering into a digital world.
  4. Fast Reach: Earlier the only way to get the latest news or updates which are happening around the world are radio, newspaper and television. Today’s scenario is completely different when something is posted on social media it is going viral because most of the people got used to it.
  5. Job opportunities: As we observe the demand for digital marketing is increasing and at the same time even the job opportunities also increasing. To promote any software product or service these days even software companies are hiring a separate team for digital marketing. This shows that how much impact it is going to show in the market and to sustain from the competition.
  6. ROI: In olden days most of the companies used to spend a huge amount on traditional marketing i.e newspapers or TV ads. But when digital marketing came into play the companies are investing less amount on marketing and at the same time, the return is more when compared to traditional marketing. So, even top brands are switching from traditional to digital.
  7. Results are measured: In every platform(SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM and Email Marketing) of digital marketing the results are measured without waiting for a long time. With the help of a variety of tools the campaigns can be measured i.e from were the lead or conversions happened.

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So, by considering the above eight parameters we can say that there is a lot of scope for digital marketing all over the world.