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Top 11 Content Marketing Tools In 2021

Marketing has experienced a technological revolution as a result, marketers’ ability to deliver content directly to their audiences has greatly increased, thanks to content marketing tools that allow marketers to send targeted messages, automate distribution and buy media programmatically the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. So, now content marketing is a thriving industry that can help marketers to sell their brands.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the act of reaching out to large numbers using different tools to promote the content and it plays a huge role in the digital marketing field and for digital marketing companies. Content marketing strategy allows businesses to address customer concerns and meet their stage-wise needs.

According to the CMI “Content marketing is a strategy-oriented marketing approach that focuses on creating and disseminating valuable content. Relevant, consistent content to draw & retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately to drive profitable customer actions.”

Let’s now break them down into key points. It is essential to create and distribute content. It should have consistent content attributes. You should also know who your target audience is so that you can retain and attract them. The content must drive profitable customer action.

Best Content Marketing Tools

It’s no longer a matter of whether or not there is a content marketing platform available that will help you market better. There may be many options, and you might not have enough to choose from. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify the top content marketing tools for modern marketers to achieve the desired results.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get to the best content marketing tools for 2021. These will allow you to create a lot of the content you interact with here on the website.

1- Google Ads Keyword Planner

The google ads keyword planner is the first on our list. It is one of the most useful content marketing tools available for free. The Keyword Planner tool gives you powerful insights into the keywords that are most relevant to your brand.

These keywords can be used as launching points for your content and provide value to your audience. Google won’t give you exact numbers if you want to find out how many people visit your site each month. While they will give you a range, the best place to begin is google ads keyword planner when you want to find all keywords in your niche.

These other options are not as effective, and although you can target a lot more keywords with paid plans, the free ones will be limited. That’s why we have the google ads, keyword planner. This content marketing platform gives you an entire landscape of every keyword you could ever need.

2- SEMrush

SEMrush manages the entire content marketing process, from creation to measurement, and even optimization. This platform is designed to assist content marketing teams in developing and implementing a data-informed content strategy based on the needs of their audience.

SEMrush CMP lets you create a content plan that has great SEO potential. It does this by finding relevant topics, headlines, and questions. You can share an editorial calendar with colleagues, track your progress, and manage marketing activities in one place.

This content marketing tool also generates briefs that include actionable optimization tips based on the competition you see in google search results. Google Docs is a handy add-on that ensures that your content meets the needs of your audience and is SEO-friendly. Automate content audits using your criteria this includes data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. SEMrush allows you to analyze guest posts and content on third-party sites quickly. This content marketing platform also allows you to find backlinks and promotional content based on the mentioned analysis.

3- HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound content marketing tool that offers both a marketing hub and a sales and customer service management tool. The marketing hub assists marketers in creating quality content, while the sales portal allows you to target customers professionally and manage your contact list.

Hubspot’s Marketing Hub provides tools to help your blog. They also guide you in SEO and social media. It can be integrated into your existing website, or you can build your entire site on HubSpot.

The sales platform generates leads and contacts potential customers. It offers many useful options, including calls, emails, scheduling appointments, creating a to-do list, and keeping track of emails and phone calls for future use. In addition, this content marketing platform includes a complete funnel marketing system that helps marketers create, distribute and manage emails using their marketing tools.

4- BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a search engine that allows you to find information online. This content marketing tool provides more data insights, which can help you position your brand better for market dominance. BuzzSumo allows you to find the most popular content online and analyzes tons of data points to determine which content performs best. To maximize your brand’s potential, you can also find influencers who will help you promote your content and monitor comments and trends surrounding your content. BuzzSumo also offers many unique features. For example, you can use filters and customer feeds to identify topics and ask questions about your solutions.

5- Evernote

Evernote allows marketers to create ideas, take notes, manage projects, and collaborate from anywhere. It is easy to sync across all devices and a great place to store all information from different sources.

These are some of the most useful Evernote features:

  • Web Clipper allows you to save any information found on the internet to Evernote.
  • You can create great notes using these templates.
  • Notes Sync allows you to take notes anywhere, anytime.
  • Advanced options allow you to search for information in PDF and Doc Search.
  • Search Handwriting to find all of your handwritten notes.
  • Document scanning allows you to keep all important papers and make use of them whenever you need them.

It is easy to sync across all devices and a great place to store all information from different sources. Because of these features, Evernote comes under top content marketing software.


6- AHREF Content Explorer

When talking about content marketing tools, we cannot neglect Content Explorer by Ahrefs can be a powerful tool for content marketing. Although it seems simple to create new content for your company blog, measuring the ROI of your content is a complicated task. First, you need to identify what content works in your niche and which topics are most popular with your target audience. This is where solid content research comes into play.

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer is a content marketing platform, you cannot afford to overlook if you are involved in content marketing. If you can find all excellent articles published, your chances of creating unique content are higher. Content Explorer helps you to find the best content for inspiration and research which helps in your content marketing strategy.

7- Google Analytics

Data is there to guide you as a content marketer. Google has a lot of information about you and your customers. Google Analytics is a powerful content marketing tool, signing up for a Google Analytics account is a great way to turn this wealth of data into useful information. This will allow you to see how your content marketing strategy performs and where you need to improve. Google Analytics is a completely free tool that gives you valuable insight into who visits your website and how they interact with it.

Key feature:

  • You can see the number of people who visited your site each day, week, and month.
  • These visitors come from referrals from other websites, organic searches, ads, or social media.
  • These keywords are what people use to find your website on Google.
  • Your users’ demographics and interests
  • What pages and how long do they spend on your site.

This information is interesting and important to help you optimize your website content and marketing campaigns. It’s a systematic approach that uses reporting and measures of success. It makes it much easier to find out why something goes as planned when you try something new. It’s possible to determine how effective your marketing efforts have been and whether they generate a return on investments. Even if your current strategy is performing well, you can easily identify ways to improve it. There is always room to improve.

8- Hemingway App

The Next worth using content marketing platform is the Hemingway app is a great tool for editors! The Hemingway app is an easy-to-use word processor and proofreading tool. It can be downloaded online or used on a desktop computer. In addition, you can integrate it with platforms like Medium and WordPress to simplify your editing and writing. The app will highlight long, complicated sentences and errors. If you see a sentence highlighted in yellow, reduce or split it. A red highlight means that your sentence is too dense for readers to comprehend. Formatting tools include bullet points, bold and italic font styles, and headline formatting.

The Hemingway Editor can import text from Microsoft Word or other word processing software. This content marketing tool allows you to work in multiple programs at once and not copy/paste between them. In addition, after you have finished editing your text in the app, you can export it to a Word or PDF file.

9- Word count tool

Advertisers and marketers are constantly working with content types with specific word count requirements. If you are using social media to promote products and services, it is important to know each platform’s character and word count requirements. Ad copy has a strict word limit, making WORD COUNT TOOL an invaluable content marketing tool.

Copy and paste your text in a box that isn’t too complicated. You will then see how many words you have written. It also allows you to see how long it takes for your content to be read or spoken. This content marketing tool also gives you a variety of reading statistics. It also measures “keyword density,” how many words, phrases, and terms you use throughout your content. This feature allows you to see how often a keyword is used (for optimization purposes).

10- Grammarly

This content marketing platform is ideal for bloggers, content marketers, and business professionals who want to create accurate text content. The service not only simplifies your writing but also checks grammar and punctuation for plagiarism.

Grammarly’s main features include:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling proofreading.
  • Conciseness and sentence structure are checked.
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Vocabulary enhancement.
  • Writing style check.
  • Writing suggestions that are based on your audience or goals is a good idea.

It can be used as an app or as a browser extension. It can proofread content on MS Word and Linked In, Google Docs. Gmail, Messenger, WordPress, and many other platforms.

These are all the functions you’ll need from a content marketing tool.

11- Canva

Visuals are essential to keep your audience interested. You could, for example, use high-quality photos to keep your audience interested. Also, create motivating quote graphics and visualize complex data using colorful graphs.

Canva is a content marketing platform that bloggers and content marketers use to create custom images quickly. This is great for businesses and individuals who don’t know much about graphic design. There are many templates available, including those for presentation, social media, poster, and Ads, Instagram posts, Instagram posts, email headers, book covers, and others. Your design can be printed, downloaded, and shared on social media. In addition, this content marketing platform Canva constantly evolves and offers new graphic design tools and templates: infographics and marketing posters, social media, infographics, and eBooks.