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Why digital marketing is important in India | WebDexter

Digital Marketing is the trending fields nowadays in the marketing with which you can easily promote your business or your website at an affordable price point. Nowadays it is trending field in India, the reason behind this is you can easily connect with the potential customers and increase the website traffic.

According to a recent survey in India

  • 375 million people in India are active internet users out of a total population of 1319 million.
  • 84% own mobile phones of all types (33% smartphones) who spend more than 3 hours browsing the internet.
  • In fact, 21% of the population are using mobile for messaging activities followed by video consumption (17%) and gaming (13%).
  • Smartphone penetration in India is expected to grow to 520 million by 2020, making India one of the largest smartphone economies in the world.
  • With the availability of affordable internet led by the market flooded with smartphones starting from INR 2K, the Indian population is embracing the Digital and communication revolution at a lightning speed.

It is very important for the advertisers and marketers to be present where their audience is and engage with them to communicate their value offerings. This is where exactly Digital Marketing comes in.

Digital Marketing will help marketers and the companies to engage with their tech-savvy audience by through various digital marketing channels.